Life of Ram and Jaanu… Post 96!

Warning: This is a humble fan fiction written by me, purely based on my imagination. I was haunted by the movie, its music and its characters for quite some time because of its extremely realistic take on a meeting of two people who once loved each other a lot. Ram’s loneliness is something that affected me and I even discussed with a cousin about what might have happened to him after the meeting. So writing this is my way of finding closure for Ram, and in some ways, finding closure for myself. ☺

If you loved the movie too much, and my imagination doesn’t do justice, well this is a statutory warning to not get disappointed! 😛 And do watch the movie before reading this!

As the sunlight streamed into the room, Ram woke up suddenly. It was almost noon, he realized. Involuntarily, he sprang up from the floor and looked at his bed. It was empty. As he blinked, flashes of the scenes from the previous night came to his mind. He wondered if it was all a dream, a very vivid dream. He walked slowly into the hall and glanced into the mirror. He found himself staring at his 15-year old self. His beard was gone and his hair was jet black. No, it wasn’t a dream, he realized. He had seen Jaanu in reality yesterday.

Jaanu. His Jaanu. His beautiful, quirky, bold, funny, Jaanu. He smiled.

He started to get ready for work. But all he could think about was the meeting from the previous night. He couldn’t believe he had met Jaanu after 22 years. Oh, how many times had he imagined that meeting. Would she talk to him, would she even remember him, would she ask who he was or would she simply ignore him? A thousand different scenarios had run in his mind. But nothing had prepared him for the actual turn of events.

One second, it was the overpowering fear of being ignored by her and the next second, it was like someone had hit the rewind button back by 22 years and they were back in school. His best friends trying to get him to get the courage to talk to his love; Subha always having a protective eye on her “Annaatha”; Jaanu’s beautiful eyes always trying to search for him just like his were; and his shyness, which even after two decades, hindering his frantic hope that she would sing his favourite “Yamunai aatrile” at least now. He laughed with his eyes closed, deep in thought. And when she finally did, as always, he had felt like drowning in that sweet, melodic, emotional voice. Yes, it felt like nothing had changed.

And yet, everything had changed. He opened his eyes. The smile was gone.

Ram tried to swallow the lump in his throat. The meeting last night had made him realize a lot of things. He had missed Jaanu, yes. A lot… more than he had ever realized. But he also realized that he missed being in the company of someone who was interested in him. Loneliness had become a way of life for him, that he had accepted; he had even decided that this was his lifestyle. He had been so busy building walls around him in the fear of getting hurt once again that he had forgotten what it felt like to be looked at with love. When he broke those walls down last night, contrary to his fear of getting hurt, he had actually liked it. He liked laughing with someone, he liked sharing secrets with someone, he liked the companionship. He liked being vulnerable.

He missed it.

That meeting, he realised, had acted as a closure. A much required closure, after 22 years. Jaanu, his best friend, his angel, would always be the love of his life. But by coming back in his life once more just for a few hours, she had given him the best gift that she could have. Jaanu, he realised, had given him the desire to hope.

He stood up with a different energy in him. As he got ready, his hands automatically went to that camouflage shirt he usually wore. He paused for a second and kept it back in its rack and picked up a navy blue shirt that was presented to him a long time ago by a friend. Yes, this looks better, he decided. With a smile tugging at the corner of his lips, he got ready and shut the door behind him and left to work.

மாற்றங்கள் வினா…

மாற்றங்களே விடை!


So, what kind of a Selfie Person are You?

So do you have a large group of friends that always tends to go into selfie-mode in every meet-up? Well, then here are some general observations of different characters of a group selfie that you can probably relate to… 😉

  1. The Selfie-Taker.

1st lets talk about the Selfie-Taker. After all, he is the least visible in the Selfie itself so let’s give him first priority in this article at least. He is the unfortunate soul who is holding the phone, usually having a mental debate as to which hand he must use to hold the phone so it can be stretched to the maximum thereby covering everyone. And in the process, he ends up covering only 20% of himself. Oh, the poor sacrificer!

  1. The Nogaama Nongu thingaravanga (Translation very difficult as the beauty of the phrase might be lost in the course of the same)

To those who didn’t understand the caption, I’m hopeful that you will get to know what I meant through the explanation. They are the ones who dare not go near the phone as they know the consequences of being the Selfie-Taker. As a result, they convince someone else to take the fall and they always manage to catch a flattering pose on the sefie as they are aware of which angle of which side of their face looks the best (due to extensive training in private). So they turn out looking exactly the same in each picture. Not that they are complaining, they look their best!

  1. The “I don’t give a damn”.

This one is easy to spot. Usually, when a group starts clicking selfies, the process would go on and on and on and on… (you get the drift) until the phone starts crying of “Low Battery”, as each person in the group will keep rejecting/deleting the pics in which they don’t look good. Look through all of the pics and the bored one would be the one rolling his eyes or not looking at the camera and simply not gelling with the pouting, posing group. Research has verified that the number of bored faces on a selfie is directly proportional to the duration of the whole selfie process.

  1. The “Goofy” One.

This one is slightly irritating to me, personally. In each photo, he is the one either “OOOhing” or “AAAhing” and the level of posing goes to that extent that you start wondering why they are trying so hard to look  like a monkey that got high. It’s like I want to say , “Dude, PEOPLE are going to look at this, dial it down”. But nope, his enthusiasm (as I put it decently), is relentless and he gets energized to think of more and more creative and slightly scary poses as the process continues.

  1. The Pouter.

As a girl who is an epic fail when it comes to pouting for a picture, I have no other option but to make fun of those who do. These are the ones that look like… Oh, screw it. Here goes… Yes, I am jealous of the perfect pout. Let’s face it, the ones who manage to pull it off look pretty good. But the ones who, like me, just cannot pout, well, need to quit trying and keep those trial pictures safely locked away from the outside world.

So, which one are you? Surely, you can categorize your friends among these as you read the article. Tag them and share the article! 😀

10 Things a Newly Single Gal (or guy) Ought To Be Happy About!

(DISCLAIMER: This article is purely fictional and was written based on pure observation and NOT any personal experience. 😉 Also, the author of this article does not take responsibility for any break-ups that may ensue after the reader reads it and realises he/she wants to be single again. 😉 )

So you are a newly single girl/guy who got, well for want of a better word, “dumped” afresh and are still feeling low about it. Well, join the bandwagon coz you are not alone here. Wipe those tears and read this article and you will wonder why you ever gave up Singledom! 😀

  1. Saving on mobile recharges!

Yes, our statistics say that this, in fact is the top most beneficial outcome for The Single gal. No more long distance phone calls or messages that run over ridiculously odd hours during the night. No more tossing and turning on the bed due to too much fighting (or too much romance!). Sometimes, you might have even fallen asleep with the phone near you ears only to wake up in the morning to see the message – Dear Customer, Your prepaid balance is painfully low to even be mentioned. Please recharge ASAP.

Now, you can survive even for a week with zero balance. Seems like a more peaceful world, right? 😉

  1. Enjoying the benefit of a poor memory.

If you have been in a relationship long enough, sooner or later your better half would have fought with you because you forgot some remarkable day in the journey of your relationship! Well, no more sweating trying to guess which day you forgot – the day you two first met, had your first dinner, your first fight, their birthday, their mother’s birthday, their aunt’s sister’s second cousin’s wedding day etc. Be proud and say to your fellow “in love” friends – I have a poor memory and I don’t care!

  1. Network with your friends.

Remember the poor bugger who cared enough about you to keep in touch with you even when you ignored him/her in the course of falling in love? Well, this is the time to reach out to them. It is quite natural that you chose to ignore the unread messages piling up in their thread while concentrating only on your special someone. Pick up the phone and look at the list of contacts whom you forgot, with whom you were actually good friends with and contact them. You never know, you might find a great buddy among the ignored list.

  1. Never having to lie to your parents again!

download (1)

This is definitely a good perk, according to me. You never have to lie about whom you are talking to, whom you are meeting, where you are going, etc anymore. Now you can truthfully and from the heart say, “Dad, he is just my friend”. And your parents will also feel good to observe that the phone’s display light under your blanket during the night has now disappeared and that you have started to go to sleep on time.

  1. Enjoy your space!

Even when you were in a relationship, there would have been moments where you felt like you were fed up of reporting your every action, right from what you ate and whom you met to how much sugar you put in your coffee.  Enjoy your private space and be happy about it!

  1. Be happy that you are not the nomad anymore.

The problem with having a boyfriend or girlfriend, especially when you are in family get-togethers is that you inadvertently become the centre of attraction coz you carry your phone charger around everywhere and in all the family photographs, your head is always buried in your phone. You become victims to comments like “Who is he texting so much?” and free advice – “You know it’s not good for your thumb to text for so long”. Guess what, now you can be on the giving end of the same free advice! 😛

  1. Freer friendships with the opposite sex.


It is possible that your partner may have been possessive, which led to you keeping a distance with your guy friends. Restrictions are off now, ladies. Good friendships are rare these days and whether the person is a guy or a girl shouldn’t matter.

  1. Going on trips with friends.


One of the major things you miss out on, when in a relationship (especially in college days) are the number of hang outs with friends that you miss, as you neglect them in order to spend more time with your partner. Looking back, it turns out that all your college memories are only filled with the person who is no longer present in your life. It is never too late. Call your old friends, and make plans with them and go on some trips. It is possible that you may make up for lost time and create new memories.

  1. Enjoy being single again.

Remember those times when you used to spend time with your friends in the canteen and hang out spots and check out guys/girls? 😉 Go single gal, get back on track. Enjoy being single, enjoy all the attention and the guiltless flirting. Singledom is something that has to and can be enjoyed only while you have it!

  1. And last but never the least, hope for a new love!

It is true that one relationship has ended but we can always clean up the pieces and look up at the clear sky and hope for a new and everlasting love. Just imagine, the person meant for you is just out there, right this moment waiting for you to enter their life. Be happy about what happened in the past, never regret it and look forward to a brighter tomorrow!

The Calm after the Storm.

She couldn’t believe her eyes. When she half-opened her eyes at 7 AM and picked up the phone, it was only to snooze her alarm but her craving to sleep for “5 more minutes” had vanished in the instant she saw that missed call. It was his number. She had deleted that number a long time ago… One of her feeble and futile attempts to “move on”, but she knew that number by heart. She squinted again to be sure. There it read – Missed Call. 3.25 AM.

“Why did he call her after almost 5 months at such an odd time”, she wondered. Then she saw that he had texted a message as well. Hurriedly she opened her inbox.

Hey, how are u? I just got an offer from my company to work on a project in Australia for a couple of months. My VISA is getting processed now. I just wanted to thank you for supporting me in my career at the early stages. You are one of the important reasons for this position in my life. Thank you once again. Tc…

She swallowed that big lump in her throat and smiled. She didn’t think for a second, she called him back. When she heard his “Hello”, her heart speeded up just a bit. That voice… it had been ages since she heard that. “Congratulations” she breathed. His excited “Thank youuu”, made her heart soar. In just those 2 words, those 5 depressing months seemed to fly by. It was as if they had never been apart.

“So how long will you be there for?” she asked.

“About 2 months to 3 months”, he replied. “There are 3 of us going from our office. They are giving us an allowance of 2500 USD each, and we get to survive on that”, he laughed.

“Wow, that’s awesome. I’m so happy for you”, she said, and she meant it. She was happy that his hard work was being recognized.

He said softly, “I just wanted to thank you for helping me in the initial stages. All those mock sessions you had with me to improve my confidence… You are one of the important reasons for me to be here. So, thank you”.

She felt giddily happy as she heard those words. In the beginning, when he had broken up with her, she had reacted in the extremes. She had fought with him, cried to him, had wallowed in her own thoughts and finally, accepted reality and that moment on, not disturbed him even once. Even now, she knew what he felt was simply gratitude for all the support she had shown to him as a person. She knew he was not going to come running back to her, but just the fact that he had called her and made this gesture to acknowledge her contribution in his life, made her day.

“You are being modest”, she smiled. “I know how much effort you put to improve yourself and progress in your career… You deserve this. Congrats again”. He made that familiar sound that let her know he was smiling broadly on the other side.

“Well, I know where you’ll go first when you land”, she said attempting to lighten the mood. He realised what she was talking about and laughed too. “No no, I won’t… at least not immediately” and they both laughed. It felt good to laugh together again.

“That’s fair. Just be careful because it is a completely new place. Just stay sober, and be safe”, she said. “Yeah that I will do, and anyway thanks so much again for everything. It was good talking to you.” He let the words hang there for a second. “Take care… Bye”. He hung up.

She smiled into space. She had never believed in her wildest dreams that he would remember all those coaching lessons that they had had. It was true that they had been together for 3 years but the break-up had been so ugly that she had begun to believe she had not even made an impact in his life. If he could stay apart for so long and not care about her, that’s what it meant, or at least she had believed that. More than the actual break-up, she had felt really awful to realize that her company had not even affected the person she considered most important. But now, she read the message again. “You are one of the important reasons for this position in my life”. She had been wrong. She had impacted his life and he realized it too. She could finally be at peace. She smiled and buried herself in the pillow as she let out a satisfied sigh. The best feeling in the world is when you least expect it, something unbelievable happens.

Different people have different perspectives towards the idea of a perfect relationship. Some say it depends on how long you last and some feel it is more synonymous with how you make each other feel at that time, irrespective of the period. But you know what the best relationship is? It is when, even after a depressing break-up, you remember the past with a smile, because the reasons for the smile are strong enough to blot out the rest.

Mr. Anonymous

Stop whatever you are doing right now and look up. If you are in a public place, ideally in a bus or train or a cab, probability is, 4 out of 5 faces you see are bent down looking at their smart phones, texting furiously to people on the other line.


This sight is something perfectly normal; that we are almost used to in our everyday routine. When did this transition happen? It seems to me that people we see every day, that we meet on a face-to-face level have apparently become boring and the anonymous stranger on a social network has become more interesting than ever. Is it the fact that we haven’t actually met the person that makes it so appealing, so that our imagination can run wild, building an image of the stranger assuming that this funny post can only be by an intelligent, handsome/beautiful (never hurts to imagine that, does it? 😉 ) and interesting person.

For all we know, the person who is famous on Twitter or Quora, who makes fellow tweeters (or however they are called) laugh and share, may actually become boring once the conversation exceeds 140 characters.

The fact is that the fascination of the human mind with this mystery person sustains only as long as it is mysterious. It is indeed disappointing to know that the fascination ends when the mystery is solved. When did this faceless person become so important to us and why is it that impressing a few strangers with witty one-liners, a status symbol! I feel more discouraged to note that people have started ignoring any write-up exceeding 4 lines. It’s more like, say it in in 140, or I am going to scroll right by you. So articles like these, may well be counting their days.

On a more impersonal note, I have also observed that people may have great chemistry when they text and but when they actually meet or speak on the phone, there is the awkward silence. While texting, we are naturally offered the time to think of witty and smart things and oh, we are provided the boon of the“backspace”. But while talking, we have to respond to our natural stimuli and blurt out whatever comes to our mind at that moment, which could go either way!
I wonder, has tweeting eliminated the need for talking? Or have we gotten too comfortable with the anonymity that the social networks have provided us.

All is not lost… Yet!

So I was walking yesterday, in my street and some kids were playing badminton. I guess they were revelling in the joy of finally being free from school for two whole months; a luxury no longer available to us. Anyway, I was remembering the days I used to play like that and walked almost right into one of the kids’ racquets. I was careful enough to avoid it, but the kid thought she had hit me by mistake. So innocently, she came to me and said “Akka, patrucha? Sorry ka…” (Excuse me, Did I hit you? I am sorry). I was quite taken aback and surprised at her immediate and sweet apology, for something she had thought she had done. I smiled and said I am okay. And they went back to their game.

This may be a very insignificant incident. But in today’s day and age, where we don’t even have the time to say sorry if we accidentally stamp on somebody’s leg while walking; where we don’t thank our shopkeepers, drivers and other people who help us every day; where politicians are just throwing stones at each other shamelessly, it was so refreshing to have this kid, of not more than 8 years, come and say sorry, believing to have hurt another person.

Courtesy and compassion. Something that we have forgotten under the pretence of a busy life.

Well, it certainly feels good to believe that at least the next generation would be better than us.

Traffic Jam

Raghav glanced outside the window of the office cab.

It didn’t look like the rain was going to stop anytime soon. “Well there go my dinner plans…” he thought to himself as the incessant rain only meant heavier traffic jam. He slid back on his seat and sighed. With him, were 2 more passengers in the grey Tata Indica. As usual, the only sounds from inside the cab were the keypad and notification tones from each other’s cell phones, and the artificially excited RJ’s voice in the local FM. Every day the three of them came together in the evening in the same cab. But the ironic fact was that he knew their names only through the cab sheet that they had to sign every day. Apart from the formal smiles they gave each other while occasionally looking into one another’s eyes, they hardly shared anything more. It was sad, he thought. The gadgets that had been invented to get in touch with loved ones far away, was actually making social interaction extinct on a face to face level. The bald one, Mr. Shiva, guessed Raghav, was cursing “Damn! Battery empty”. Raghav smiled. They were probably going to be stuck in this cab for the next one hour.

“Hi” he stuck out his hand. “I’m Raghav, from Clearing operations. How do u do?” The driver smiled and reduced the FM volume.